Use Space to jump, W / UpArrow and S / DownArrow to move lanes

PS. You can jump on top of the cars and move lanes mid-jump!




A game about a journalist catching up to a flying superhero to report the action.


I've always loved superhero stories told from a bystander's perspective. Thus, our little journalist was born.

Last time I did pixel art was 2009. Eight years later, I decided to familiarize myself back into the dotty artstyle--learning very quickly that using a 72hr game jam as the testing grounds is a very, very bad idea.

Made with love (and a lot of swear words) for GDL March Madness Jam
- // @atsuzakii

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Published30 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Tagsinfinite-runner, Pixel Art, Runner


superchase-win.rar (9 MB)

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